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Professional services, reliable, cost effective and guaranteed?

Professional, reliable, cost effective and guaranteed services of consulting and design "Made in Italy. Learn how to assure the achievement of Quality.


The Studio Saura Sermenghi works in the field of consulting and design of cinemas, multiplex cinemas, multiplex, at the service of owners of movie theaters, cinemas and multiplex movie theater chains worldwide. In order to "continuously improve" and offer the highest level of such services to their customers, has decided to adopt and implement a Quality Management System complies with international standard.


The objectives of this system are given in the document Quality Policy: discover it!

We're extremely grateful that Theater World Magazine, a guide to the cinema exhibition industry and technical design of movie theatres so as a top-of-the-mind recall for the global cinema exhibition industry, has dedicated some pages of its extraordinary contents to the Design of Studio Saura Sermenghi for the major Cinema Chain in Russia: Cinemapark. Near and in-between of all this greatness we feel us just a little ashamed but, thinking at our sacrifices, efforts and success of the stakeholders ... proud and grateful to be in !