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Cinema "Made in Italy" and legislation for fire safety.

Cinemas, multiplexes, multiplex cinemas, movie theaters.

Discover the legislative references of the film "Made in Italy" designed by Studio Saura Sermenghi.



Studio Saura Sermenghi strongly believes that the management of fire safety is an essential element in avoid disaster in the event of a fire.

Although many buildings will never suffer a fire dangerous for people's life and things, it is essential for fully functional fire safety that procedures are an integral part of it.


Studio Saura Sermenghi is confident that managing fire safety starts with the design of a building because it must:

·      minimize the risk of fire;

·      ensure that appropriate fire safety systems (including active, passive, and procedural systems) are efficient for any eventuality.


In order to achieve acceptable levels of fire safety, cinemas designed from Studio Saura Sermenghi follow the standards, reccomendations, guidelines in the design, management and use of buildings, so as defined by the organizations:

-     British Standards Institution (BSI);

-     Health and Safety Executive (HSE);

-     European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA)   



In addition, cinemas designed from Studio Saura Sermenghi comply with the requirements of the fire prevention regulations drawn up by:

-     Italian Ministry of the Interior and controlled by National Body of Fire Brigades (CNVVF).