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Multiplex cinema and "Made in Italy" to socialize the "seventh art".

Cinemas and multiplexes  "Made in Italy" design conquer "who loves" the "seventh art" and help to win the competition of illegal copies of movies.


Our team is highly motivated and constantly updated on developments of entertainment market as well as new trends in cinema halls and multiplexes.  It makes available its know-how for the realization of:

. new construction;

. enlargement;

. adaptive re-use;

. re-structuring;

. styling;

. re-styling.


Our love for the "cinema as art" leads us to carefully consider what are the mechanisms of "cinema as business". This motivates us to find the best design strategies to maximize the profitability of movie theaters and supports us in contributing to the success of cinemas, multiplex cinemas, movie theaters, movie theater chains ... (see example of Starlight in Moscow with break-even point in 6 months).


Our aim to create design for multiplex cinema and movie theater able to exibit "cinema as art" , and art in all its forms, is stimulated by the term "cinema is the seventh art" coined by the italian intellectual Ricciotto Canudo in 1921.

This goal is supported by our assessment that the interest in the experience of art to live and share with other people is a human necessity born with humanity itself, and therefore will remain alive through the centuries.


Our believing that the desire of people to live and share socially the "seventh art" will continue to confirm the need for places such as cinemas and multiplex movie theater push us to create multiplex cinema and movie theater with spaces, services and technological innovations appropriate for those who love the "seventh art".

We are confident that this methodology builds final customer's loyalty, creates income and helps to win the competition with streaming, video on demand, home theater, the down-load and illegal copying movies.


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